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Billo app is a platform that allows you to order video content from real users of brands who show you how their products or services work. You can browse the portfolios and profiles of over 5,000 creators who have different skills, interests and styles and choose the ones that best suit your target audience. Billo app also offers you the opportunity to use other services, such as AI script, video editing, chat with creators and support of successful managers. Billo app is a simple, fast and effective way to get quality UGC that will increase your visibility, trust and conversions.

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  • A wide selection of creators from different areas and categories
  • Ability to test different types of UGC and find the ones that work best
  • A simple process of ordering and communicating with creators
  • Professional video editing and AI script to improve video quality
  • Fast delivery of videos and the ability to request revisions
  • Attractive prices and flexible plans


  • Some creators may have lower audio or video quality
  • Some videos may require additional editing or changes
  • Some brands may have difficulty finding suitable creators for their products or services

Billo app is an excellent platform for getting UGC videos that help brands increase their visibility, credibility and sales. It is recommended to anyone who is looking for an effective and affordable way to use the power of UGC in their marketing strategy.

UGC is an abbreviation for User Generated Content, which means content created by users. It is any type of content such as images, videos, texts, reviews and sounds that users post on online platforms such as social media, discussion forums. UGC is important for marketing because it increases customer trust, engagement and conversions. Billo app is an example of a platform that uses UGC in its content strategy, as it allows brands to get video content from real users.