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Corel is a global software company that provides innovative and creative solutions for graphics, photo, video, and office productivity. Corel’s products include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Painter, PaintShop Pro, VideoStudio, WordPerfect, Pinnacle, Roxio, and AfterShot Pro. Corel’s mission is to empower users to unleash their imagination and achieve their goals with easy-to-use and professional tools.

Company History

Corel was founded in 1985 by Michael Cowpland in Ottawa, Canada. The company’s name stands for “Cowpland Research Laboratory”. Corel’s first product was CorelDRAW, a vector-based drawing program that revolutionized the graphic design industry. Corel soon expanded its portfolio to include photo editing, painting, video editing, and office suite software. Corel also acquired several well-known brands, such as WordPerfect, Pinnacle, and Roxio, to enhance its offerings and reach new markets.

Company Achievements

Corel has been recognized as a leader and innovator in the software industry, with over 100 million users worldwide and numerous awards and accolades. Some of the company’s achievements include:

  • Being the first software company to ship its products on CD-ROM
  • Being the first software company to offer free technical support
  • Being the first software company to support the Windows platform
  • Being the first software company to launch a graphics tablet app
  • Being the first software company to integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into its products
  • Being the first software company to offer subscription and perpetual licensing options

Company Values

Corel’s values reflect its commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. Corel’s values are:

  • Innovation: Corel strives to create cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs and expectations of its customers
  • Quality: Corel ensures that its products are reliable, secure, and easy to use, and that they deliver the best possible performance and results
  • Service: Corel provides outstanding customer service and support, and listens to the feedback and suggestions of its customers
  • Diversity: Corel respects and celebrates the diversity of its employees, customers, and partners, and fosters a culture of inclusion and collaboration
  • Sustainability: Corel cares about the environment and the community, and adopts sustainable practices and initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and support social causes

Company Vision

Corel’s vision is to be the leading software company for graphics, photo, video, and office productivity, and to provide the most comprehensive and versatile solutions for creative and professional users. Corel’s vision is to enable its customers to express their ideas, tell their stories, and achieve their goals with confidence and ease.