Official Agency/Freelancer name: MHinfinity


Fidelcrest is a Proprietary Trader Evaluator firm that addresses a common challenge faced by traders: insufficient capital to trade and generate a comfortable income. Many traders have solid strategies but lack the ability to scale their profits due to limited capital. Fidelcrest aims to change that.

Trading Challenge and Verification: Ordinary traders can take Fidelcrest’s Challenge Verification. If they pass, they gain the opportunity to manage up to $200,000 from anywhere in the world.

Demo Evaluation Program: Fidelcrest offers the fastest demo evaluation program to start managing simulated proprietary trading firm capital. Traders can access demo accounts with sizes up to $200,000, without any scaling plan.

Simple Rules and Objectives: Traders benefit from straightforward rules, allowing them to focus on trading. There are no limits on instruments or trading volume, and news event trading is allowed.

Profit Split: Fidelcrest ensures a fair profit split, with traders receiving up to 70% of profits, always paid on time.

Global Presence: Fidelcrest operates globally, with its headquarters in Cyprus, EU. Traders from around the world can participate in this unique opportunity.

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