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NordPass is a password manager that helps you securely store, manage and autofill your passwords, passkeys, credit cards and other sensitive information. NordPass is developed by NordVPN, a leading provider of online security and privacy solutions. NordPass offers both personal and business plans, with features and tools tailored for different needs.

With NordPass, you can:

  • Generate strong and unique passwords for every account
  • Save your passwords, passkeys, credit cards and secure notes in an encrypted vault
  • Access your passwords from any device and platform
  • Autofill your login and payment details on websites
  • Share and manage access to important accounts with your family, friends or colleagues
  • Stay ahead of threats with real-time breach alerts and security dashboard
  • Mask your email and protect your identity online
  • Use passkeys, a new passwordless authentication standard that is more secure and convenient than traditional passwords
  • NordPass employs zero-knowledge architecture and XChaCha20 encryption to ensure that your data remains protected against all known cryptographic attacks.
  • NordPass is independently audited by Cure53 and NordPass Business is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and HIPAA compliant. NordPass strictly adheres to international data protection standards, including GDPR.

NordPass has over 4.2 million users worldwide and more than 4400 business clients. NordPass has received positive reviews from media outlets and customers alike. You can try NordPass for free or upgrade to Premium or Family plans for more benefits. Visit nordpass to learn more and get started.