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Since 2017, this fully remote venture-backed business has been operating globally, with approximately 2,500 staff, contractors, and teachers across 20 countries. Novakid specializes in providing online English classes for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Their unique approach incorporates AR/VR, machine learning, and gamification technologies to enhance the learning experience:

Machine learning

Machine Learning: Novakid uses machine learning to assess a child’s knowledge by analyzing 1,500 micro-skills. This technology helps evaluate how well a child has mastered specific grammatical structures, word recall, and speech fluency. Teachers are also involved in the grading process after a set number of lessons.


Gamification: The digital curriculum includes 25-minute individual lessons with qualified teachers. Gamified elements such as 360-degree virtual tours, in-lesson games, creative homework assignments, and animated comic stories keep young students engaged.

Certified teacher

Certified Teachers: Novakid’s passionate teachers, who are native speakers, have at least two years of teaching experience. They follow the Total Physical Response (TPR) approach, incorporating gestures, facial expressions, and movements.

Novakid’s success is fueled by its commitment to innovative teaching methods and personalized learning for young language learners.