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Online Cooperation
Hosting Management

Hosting Management

Hosting Management & Online Business Card/Profil

Hosting management on own domain: We manage the hosting of simple websites. It includes a domain of your choice, hosting, creation of a simple wordpress site that you can manage yourself with our assistance. Creation of a website and domain and hosting according to your requirements during the first month free of charge. Then you decide whether to order the service and pay.

Cooperation from our side:
We manage all technical matters such as: Domain, Hosting, https & SSL, Design, SEO & Google Search Console, Responsiveness, Basic cookies, Redirection from 404,

Your cooperation:
You send us content by email according to the type of cooperation, namely images and texts that do not violate copyright, laws and moral principles of the country in question. When starting cooperation, you automatically agree to this.

Online business card/profil on own domain: We offer you the creation of a web business card on your own domain (one-page simple website). Check if the domain is available above.

Above, you can check whether the domain you want is free. If you are free, contact us to establish cooperation.